Travel Tips

10 Things to Know Before You Ride Amtrak Overnight - Taking an Amtrak overnight is a great option for family travel. The cost for seats is usually less than airfare. It beats driving because there is no stopping for meals, restroom breaks or sleeping.  We've taken Amtrak overnight trains for two different family vacations and I see many more in our future. Check out these 10 things you need to know Read More
How to Pack for Three Days - You may be did I pack all that in there? Before I tell you how to pack, let me give you a little background information. Once a year I travel to a conference for work without my family. Its the typical professional conference, 3 days/2 nights in a hotel/conference center. I'm a light packer. But after an unfortunate incident last Read More
christmas ornament Why Christmas Ornaments are My Favorite Souvenirs - I absolutely love Christmas ornaments. They remind me of people I love, places I've been and things I've done. It all started when I was little and my Nana bought me an ornament every year as my Christmas present. I love that when I decorate my Christmas tree every year, I am reminded of her. Years ago, before my husband and Read More
How to Stay Fit While You Travel - Or....Why I Love Fitnessblender While on the Road Its hard to stay fit while you travel. I'm not talking about the vacations where you walk miles a day hiking and/or sightseeing. I'm talking about the wonderfully lazy vacations that center around food. I think we've all been there....You exercise regularly and eat healthy leading up to a vacation. The vacation Read More
Packing for Grandma and Grandpa’s House - Is anyone else shocked that Thanksgiving is in two weeks? Holiday season for us means a lot of travel. We have absolutely no family near us, most of our extended family lives 3 or more hours away. It seems like almost every weekend in November and December we have somewhere to travel. How do we manage to pack and unpack Read More
college football kids 2 5 Tips for College Football with Kids - College football is in full swing. Here in the Midwest, the weather is still mild enough to easily bring the kids along for the fun. We have continued to enjoy college football tailgating and games after having kids, we just behave a little (okay a lot) different than we did 10 years ago. Here are our top 5 tips for Read More
downhill vacation Things I Learned from a Family Vacation that Went Downhill Fast - The whole trip wasn't terrible. Looking back there were some great moments. But by the end, as the crying and my embarrassment increased, it was terrible. During our three hour car drive home I fought back tears wondering how our annual trip to the State Fair went downhill so fast. A little background information: We live in Iowa, the State Fair Read More
family hiking essentials Family Hiking Essentials - Hiking is a hobby that I wanted to continue after having children. Doing anything with kids requires more planning and preparation. A word of advice before you head out on a hike with your kids for the first time, go on a hike near your home as a trial run. This will be a good test to see if you need Read More
kid friendly luggage Our Favorite Luggage for Family Travel - Having the right pieces of luggage for family travel can help make a trip go a lot smoother. When we invested in luggage we asked the following questions: Is it carry on size? (we try to avoid checking luggage at all costs) Versatile? Could the bag also be used as a hiking daypack or diaper bag? Durable? Could the bag Read More
Healthy Zucchini Muffins - One of my friends, who has been kind enough to follow my blog, asked me to post this recipe. These are the healthy zucchini muffins I baked for our road trip. This recipe makes 24 mini muffins that will be gone before you know it. Healthy Zucchini Muffins 1 pound shredded zucchini 1 cup and 2T white sugar 1 cup all-purpose Read More