Hiking at Wildcat Den State Park - If you have been following us on our adventures, then you know that we enjoy hiking as a family. We are fortunate to live near Wildcat Den State Park. The great thing about Wildcat Den is that you can spend an hour or less hiking or you can make a whole day of it. Here are our tips for a Read More
What I Learned Taking My Kids to the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra - I've written before about Muscatine's friendship with China.  It's just one more thing that makes Muscatine Iowa a unique place to live and raise a family. This past week, we were afforded another amazing opportunity, just simply by living in this community. The China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra performed a free show in Muscatine. Yes, this is the same Chinese Orchestra Read More
5 Reasons to Go to the Musser Public Library Winter Extravaganza - Musser Public Library in Muscatine Iowa has the best children's programming. Not the best in the area or the best in the state of Iowa. Just simply the best...period. I could write a book about all the great free family programs they offer. However, right now I am going to focus on one annual event is not to be missed. For Read More
Celebrating Mark Twain’s 180th Birthday - On Monday November 30th the kids and I attended a 180th birthday party for Mark Twain. You may be wondering...why was there a birthday party for Mark Twain in Muscatine Iowa? One of the things I love about Muscatine is its rich history. Samuel Clemens (whose pen name is Mark Twain) lived and worked in Muscatine during the summer of Read More
Fall Toddler Hike - Have you been wanting to take your toddler on a hike, but haven't been sure where to start? It can be scary, right? How far can they walk? Will I loose them? Will I need to carry them the whole way?! Or maybe you have multiple young kids and just the thought of taking them all out on a trail Read More
sino-us friendship house Sino-U.S. Friendship House - Surprisingly, Muscatine Iowa has a very strong relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping. I'll try to make this 30 year history brief. In 1985 President Xi Jinping led a delegation to Iowa as part of an agricultural investigation. At this time he was the party secretary of Zhengding. The people of Muscatine warmly welcomed him and his delegation, with a family Read More
monarch release Monarch Butterfly Education at the Environmental Learning Center - The Environmental Learning Center in Muscatine Iowa has a wonderful monarch butterfly education  program. You can follow the complete life cycle of a monarch butterfly (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly) in their exhibition space tailored to children. With the decline of the monarch butterfly population, it is important for children to learn about preservation. The monarch butterfly exhibit is available from mid June Read More