Meet Kim

IMAG0084Thanks for visiting our family travel blog.

My husband and I have always loved to travel. We also love sharing advice about our travels with anyone who will listen. Once kids came into our life we wanted to continue to travel and have been figuring out how to adapt as we go.

Until recently I never considered writing a family travel blog. We just came back from a 10 day, 2700 mile road trip with a six and three year old. This was one of the best vacations we have ever been on. Upon return many people have asked me countless questions…how did we keep the kids entertained in the car so long? how did we plan our trip? how do we pack for all vacations with carry on luggage?

This is how the idea was born. I love to talk to people about our vacations and how we prepare for them. Just as often, I enjoy sharing our mishaps and things I wish we would have done differently. So why not start a blog to help other parents trying to navigate traveling with kids.

I hope you enjoy this site and that the information makes your next vacation less stressful.

You can contact me at kidsandcarryons@gmail.com.